Wednesday, April 8, 2009

coming to the end, here's what's left...

Thesis paper 20-25 pages (close to completion) Saturday/Sunday/Monday night
Thesis project: Thursday night/Friday night/every night until completed
put together portfolio: All day Friday!!!!!!!!!!
2 scholarship essays: Thursday night
register for portfolio 1-on-1 (April 24th,25th) Thursday night
Cultural Anthropology final paper (7 pages)
Final Cultural Anthropology reaction paper (4-5 pages)
icon system for Jo's class: Sunday night
design CVA 2010 planner: April 13th-17th/Monday-Friday
install exhibition at gallery (April 21st)
Thesis presentation
TAKE A VACATION! Go somewhere far far away!


TeriAnn said...

you forgot "get REALLY REALLY drunk"

i'll help with that!