Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it's what I live for, that and design

All the pictures you will soon be viewing are directly taken from the memorial day weekend archives taken at my parents cabin recently. The weekend was a blast and I got to spend quality time with the fam! Memorial weekend is one of very few chances I get to spend at the parents cabin as well as quality time with family. With school and many jobs I take every chance I can to enjoy the greatest pleasures in life. The weekend was filled with mom and dads great cooking and BBQ's as well as long four wheeling rides, fishing and lots of relaxation. Each night was capped of with a beer, sunset and bonfire. The weekend was great and can't wait to get up there again. sorry theres not many pics of me, I had the camera. Lizzy, Brittany and Kelsey, mom and dad posed as models for the weekend and I think they did a great job.